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HIFONICS TS462 4x6" Coax Titan 70/140 Watt 4 ohm

Varenr : 11150  
Enhet : par  
Listepris : 690.00  
Antall Pakke : par  
Vekt : 1.5 Kg  

  • 2-veis coaxial
  • 100x150mm (4x6") Bass/mellomtone
  • Maks effekt: 140W
  • RMS effekt: 70W
  • Impedans 4 ohm
  • Monteringsdybde 50mm
  • Monteringshull 144x89mm
  • The TITAN TS speakers are well-engineered speakers for all popular installation spots. The value-for-money all-rounders offer poly-cones with hairline-brush-finish and black powder coated baskets. If you are looking for easy to install, decent looking speakers, you will be very pleased by the great sound and price-point of the TITAN series.

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