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HELIX C FOUR 4 kanaler med optisk mulighet

German Car Audio

Varenr : 15215  
Enhet : stk  
Listepris : 10 900.00  
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  • 4 kanals high-end klasse AB effektforsterker med delefilter.
  • Frekvensrespons 10 Hz til 80.000 Hz
  • Innganger:
  • 4 x RCA
  • 1 x Remote
  • Tigjengelig via HDM 2 modul: 2 x optisk SPDIF (28 - 96 kHz)
  • Lavpassfilter trinnløst justerbart 12dB.
  • Høypassfilter trinnløst justerbart 12dB.
  • Bandpassfilter trinnløst justerbart 12dB.
  • Effekt CEA 2006 standard:
  • RMS Effekt @13,8V 4Ohm: 4 x 150W
  • RMS Effekt @13,8V 2Ohm: 4 x 220W
  • RMS Effekt @13,8V 4Ohm mono: 2 x 440W
  • RMS Effekt @13,8V som 3 kanaler 4Ohm: 2x150W + 1x440W mono
  • 3 x 30A sikringer (internt)
  • Mål (H x B x L): 37mm x 240mm x 430mm
  • Audiophile sound quality combined with impressive output power
  • The C FOUR is a high-end 4-channel amplifier that has been designed down to the last detail for ultimate sound quality. Audiotec Fischer’s proprietary ultra low-noise and ultra low-distortion Class A driver stage feeds a total of 32 hand-selected MOSFET power transistors, resulting in an incredible damping factor of 1,000 for relentless control of every loudspeaker.
  • The intelligent regulation of the power supply assures stable conditions for the output stages and therefore phenomenal output power independent of the cars battery voltage.
  • In combination with the optionally available digital input module HDM2, the C FOUR demonstrates the perfect transition to the digital era. The HDM 2 accepts digital audio signals up to 96 kHz sampling rate via its two optical inputs followed by cutting-edge BurrBrown D/A converters with 32 Bits resolution that transform the signals back to the analog domain. Therefore the C FOUR is absolutely future-proof and perfectly prepared for the combination with our digital signal processors.

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HELIX HDM2 optisk modul
Varenr: 15216
Digital Input Module for C FOUR