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Ground Zero GZHW 20SPL - klangtips i Car & HiFi

Hydrogen SPL Subwoofer

Varenr : 17475  
Enhet : stk  
Listepris : 1 890.00  
Antall Pakke : stk  
Vekt : 9.05 Kg  

  • Test i Car & Hifi 4/2018. Konklusjon: med GZHW 20SPL kjøper man den råeste 8 tommeren på markedet. Ufattelig høytspillende. Smertefulle slag i dypbassen. I lydnivå minner den om mange 12 tommere men appellerer også med mye dynamikk og veldig god presisjon.
  • 20 cm / 8" bass med trippel magnet
  • Power handling: 1500W SPL POWER
  • Anbefalt effekt 500 til 1000W RMS
  • Impedanse: 2 x 1 ohm
  • Kan kobles til 1 x 0,5 ohm, 1 x 2 ohm eller 1 + 1 ohm
  • Dobbel Polycot spider
  • Svingspole: 63 mm / 2,5"
  • Slaglengde, Xmax. 40 mm
  • Klippel® optimalisert
  • Monteringsdybde 14,5 cm
  • Anbefalte kasser:
  • Lukket: 4 - 15 liter
  • Portet: 22 liter med 1 stk 8cm port på 27 cm lengde
  • Datablad/kasseforslag PDF
  • Hydrogen goesXSPL!
  • Introducing brand new Hydrogen XSPL subwoofer line-up
  • There is no doubt, that Ground Zero is setting the standards for Subwoofers in various price and performance categories. With the introduction of “Radioactive XSPL” in the premium entry class, GZ did even strengthen that position. So it is time to bring “XSPL” to the next category called the new “Hydrogen XSPL Line”, for the beginning four different sizes will be launched: The GZHW 10XSPL-D1, 12XSPL-D1, 15XSPL-D1 and 18XSPL-D1.
  • All of these new woofers are coming with familiar features such as the reinforced non-pressed paper cone, weight optimization for higher efficiency and the double pressed U-shaped high-roll sandwich surround with yellow stitch. Additionally, in the Hydrogen series very stiff double layer Polycot spiders are used to guarantee highest linear excursion up to 45 mm/ 1.77”. From the backside, the eye catching triple magnet motor is standing out, which is mounted to a strong yellow painted aluminumcast basket with excellent ventilation and best cooling function.
  • The 12, 15 and 18-inch models have a high temperature stable 3” dual voice coil wired on an aluminum carrier and arecapable of handling up to amazing 4000W of SPL Power for the 18-inch version. Even the 10-inch model with its 2.5” voice coil converts up to 2500 W of SPL Power into sound pressure. These new voice coils are “Made in the USA”, using 99.99 % oxygen-free copper and have an impedance of 1 Ohm each. For easy wiring, all models are equipped with practical chrome push terminals.
  • Not only made for female customers, but also for the lovers of “Pink”, Ground Zero will bring the 12” model the “GZHW12 XSPL-D1 Pink Edition”. Besides the pink coloured basket, the surround stitching and even the GZ Logo on the dustcap are matched in the same color.

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